updated 1/08/2018

  1. 2. Download, print, and complete the registration forms

  (3 pages - Registration, Photo Release, Appleseed Release)

    Click on image to download registration forms


  2. Please fill out the registration form and release forms

  3. completely. There is a $25 fee per student, maximum

  4. of $65 per family.

  5. 3. Mail the three completed forms (registration, two releases) and payment to:

  6. Constitutional Champions

  7. 5640 Del Rey Dr

  8. Colorado Springs, CO 80918

  9. 4. We will email or telephone registration confirmation to you and  keep you informed of changes.

  10. Please call 719-659-2383 if you have any questions

 Email to check on space

Photo Release Explanation

We share your concern for your child's privacy and safety.  That concern drives the informal practices we use when any child's image appears in a venue accessible to the public such as this camp web site, camp brochures, or camp information sheets. These practices include:

- to the extent possible, using images that show only partial or no children's faces,

- avoiding close-up images so that a particular child is not readily identifiable,

- in materials that may be printed, using small sized images at low resolution so that a particular child is not readily identifiable, and 

- using images from previous camps when possible, rather than the most recent camp, so that a child's current appearance is protected.

Although the release form broadly refers to "advertising", we have found that traditional public advertising such as newspapers and television is unproductive for publicizing the camp. Since we have reached  enrollment capacity in the past without using such media, we do not anticipate creating any "advertising" materials that will use a child's image to publicize the Constitutional Champions camp in newspapers or television. Were we to do so, we would follow the practices listed above. 

Given sufficient time and resources, we may create an imagery album that will be available to parents on the internet at a password-protected website. The album contains selected images taken by the camp photographer or contributed by parents. The site address and password are provided via email to the student's parent/guardian. Images may be downloaded from the album site.

A visual record of the camp is a critical component of the camp experience for both the students and parents/guardians. Because of the impracticality of preventing a particular child from being photographed, or searching for and editing out a particular child's image from all the images taken at the camp, we cannot accommodate requests to exclude a child from the photography release agreement. A signed photography release form is required in order to attend camp.

As parents ourselves, we understand how important it is to protect our children's privacy and safety. We hope that you will sign the photo release form and trust the judgment of the camp staff to use children's images wisely. 


Constitutional Champions Camp Staff

Constitutional Champions Camp will not be held in 2019. The Rock Ledge Ranch facility has been a critical component in the structure of this camp, but the facility is unavailable in 2019.