Curriculum Highlights

updated 1/08/18


The following is just a sampling of some of the Founding principles taught to the children using (1) a short lesson, (2) a meaningful analogy to lend the lesson real-life applicability, and (3) a fun activity to help the lesson “stick.” Each learning station uses this methodology daily to educate the children, passing on a love and appreciation for America's history...

Balance of Power Between Branches of Government:

• Rock/paper/scissors game as an illustration of checks and balances – no branch is more powerful than another, but at times must use its power to balance other branches that become too powerful.

• Government as a 3-headed eagle – used to further exemplify checks and balances and balance of power. Three kids from each group are wrapped in a brown bed sheet together and given yellow 'beaks' – when one of them tries to break away, the others gently bring them all back together... they have to move in unison and maintain “balance of power” in order to get things done.

Republic vs. Democracy:

Hold a vote for National Sandwich (Grilled Cheese vs. Peanut Butter and Jelly); have kids raise their hands for their favorite sandwich and tally the vote. Announce the winner. Explain that without a “representative” form of government, the majority always wins and the wishes of the minority are never represented.

• Majority vs. Minority – define each, emphasize that in a republic, neither group is more important than the other – in a democracy, wishes of the minority are dismissed and not represented.

Redistribution of Wealth:

  1. Divide group in half. One half 'earns' Tootsie Rolls by doing 25 jumping jacks.

  2. The other half is not required to do jumping jacks, but can relax or do what they want.

  3. Teacher suggests that it's “not fair” that one group has no Tootsie Rolls, then instructs 'jumping jack' group to give half of their Tootsie Rolls to the other group to even things up - kids immediately understand that principles behind redistribution of wealth are NOT fair.

  4. Emphasize that America guarantees equal opportunity, not equal results.

  5. Emphasize that it is our own individual responsibility to be charitable, not the government's job to redistribute our wealth, or take our money to give to others.